UNDP’s commitment to supporting universities in MET journey is commendable. Let’s develop actionable steps, pilot programs, and measure impact. Together, we can build a sustainable future for Vietnam.

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Awards & Accolades

From groundbreaking innovations to sustainable solutions, MET EV is shaping a greener, more efficient future with the support and encouragement of others organizations.

BSSC Innoex 2023

BSSC Innoex 2023

MET EV is honored to be one of the green growth and future generation symbol, alongsides with 200 exhibitors from +32 countries on 5 continents in an annual international event designed to promote innovation and business development for striving business community in Vietnam and South East Asia.

Avnet Green Days

Experience firsthand a special static display of Vietnam's domestic automotive workhorses - The VinFast VF9 and METEV VEO and KAGO. With the priviledge of our CTO being the guess speaker, Avnet Green Days: e-Mobility had been an exclusive unveiling of Avnet's cutting-edge automotive technology solutions.

Zone Bootcamp 2023


Starting the year 2024, MET EV entered the “zone” of aspiring startup companies by winning the Grand Prize of the Zone Bootcamp Competition 2023 for the Impact & Sustainability category. The competition was organized by Zone Startups Vietnam, the program to empower Vietnam’s tech leaders.

QVIC 2024

Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge (QVIC) is the challenge for innovative startups in promising new technology areas in 5G, IoT, AI, smart cities, wearable devices, and multimedia utilizing Qualcomm® mobile platforms and technologies, QVIC has enabled the development of Vietnam’s rising technology ecosystem.

Hub Forum Network 2024


On April 13, 2024, MET EV participated in the Hub Forum Network event held at Ton Duc Thang University to showcase our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry. The highlight of the event was the AI & Blockchain seminar, where MET’s Founder and CGO, Paul Nguyen, took the stage as a keynote speaker.

Smart City Asia 2024


From 17 April to 19 April 2024, MET EV was honored to participate in Smart City Asia 2024 in SECC Ho Chi Minh City. For three days, we had a chance to immerse ourselves in a vibrant atmosphere filled with innovation, connectivity, and shared visions for a smarter future.


By choosing to use clean transportation such as ebikes, you can reduce your impact of pollution drastically. Each person can make an IMPACT!

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