About MET

Meet The Team

Zoe Duong
Founder & CEO
Zoe has over 15 years of experience in business development, hospitality and people development. Zoe is a firm believer in sustainability development. She is a fearless fighter who is determined to bring change to the young generation of Vietnam.
Thomas Pham
Founder & CTO
Thomas is Master in Machine Learning with deep knowledge and experience in AI technology and drone development. He is among the first in Vietnam to develop commercial drones for farmers in the Mekong Delta. Now his drive is to make innovations based on Zero-emission approach.
Paul Nguyen
Founder & CGO
Paul has 28 years automotive experience with a proven track record in corporate and retail excellence for 4-wheels and 2-wheelers. He is certified with Toyota, BMW, and Mercedes. Trained brands such as Harley Davidson, Triumph, Piaggio and Vinfast. Paul is a certified retail trainer and consultant with BMW Group & Daimler Global Training.
Cuong Phan
Co-Founder & Product Manager
Cuong is a passionate Engineer with experience with 3 generations of EVs. His experience stems from working on drone technology and battery development. He is a true believer of smart and sustainable transportation as well as enthused and committed about bringing impacts to our environment.

Why We Are Here

60,000 deaths

are air pollution-related in Vietnam each year (WHO, 2018)

27 million tons

CO2 released by motorcycles alone in Vietnam each year, account for 90% of the motorized pollution

1st in the world

Hanoi top global city for highest pollution by Swiss Air Quality pollution ranking

Our Mission

MET aims to advance Vietnam's shift to sustainable transport and empower Vietnam youth to create a significant impact on their future. We seek to build a comprehensive ecosystem integrating products, services, community engagement, and a lifestyle emphasizing environmental and social impact.

Explore Our AI Innovation Hub

MET’s workplace is located in the AI Innovation Hub included in Saigon Hi-tech Park. We innovate and create in an open space filled with green trees and utilize AI in the office equipment for convenient working experience.