MET Accompanies HIU StartUp 2024: Inspiring Innovation and Nurturing Talent

On May 24th, MET proudly participated in the final round of the HIU StartUp 2024 competition, hosted by Hong Bang International University. Serving as a judge and mentor, we were thrilled to engage with the bright minds of tomorrow.

HIU StartUp 2024 offers an invaluable platform for students to cultivate essential skills, particularly in teamwork. It provides a fertile ground for students to explore entrepreneurial ideas and apply them in real-world scenarios, fostering their passions and facilitating their professional growth. Throughout the competition, students were supported by industry representatives and esteemed HIU faculty members, who offered valuable advice to help refine their innovative ideas.

Notably, Mr. Paul Nguyen, Co-Founder & CGO of MET, joined the final round as a judge and mentor. As a pioneer in Vietnam’s innovation landscape, he posed insightful questions and provided constructive feedback, guiding the students in perfecting and advancing their startup concepts.

During the final round, the top four teams presented the core aspects of their projects to the distinguished panel of judges. They received feedback and answered questions, demonstrating their ingenuity and resilience. Among the standout projects were an AI application in smart healthcare, the Sofund crowdfunding support project, and Revive Clothes, a sustainable fashion initiative. These exemplary ideas promise to transform from potential concepts into practical applications.

By supporting and accompanying Vietnamese students in entrepreneurial and creative competitions, MET believes in spreading sustainable values and nurturing the intellect of the Vietnamese youth. We are committed to fostering a brighter future for the next generation, empowering them to achieve their fullest potential.